Ads, Social Media, and Ethics Statement

I will not place your ad.  

I'm also not interested in promoting the use of Facebook, or any other social media platform. Save your time, look out of a nearby window, go on a picnic with your family, or simply take a nap. You'll be glad you did.

Engagement Statement

  • The ONLY entity that is responsible for the thoughts, opinions, and comments espoused here or via any other communications medium that I utilize is myself.
  • My content is my own. I create and produce each video based on what I’m excited about and what I think will be relevant/helpful to my audience at the time.
  • My reviews are objective and my opinions are always my own.
  • I do not submit previews of videos or blog posts to anyone for approval or revisions. No exceptions.
  • I have full control over my content calendar. While I’m happy to work collaboratively when possible for scheduling, no outside party can pay or otherwise influence me in return for scheduling priority.
  • I do not review “preproduction” versions of products/software.
  • I will work to seek answers for anything about a product/service that I don’t fully understand.
  • While it usually makes sense to include certain links in video descriptions or social media posts, I retain full control over what is shared on my accounts across all platforms.
  • I’m more than happy to let others share my content, as long as the post links directly to source.
  • I do not guarantee any number of views or any amount of audience engagement on any videos. While I want every video to do well, there are too many variables beyond my control for me to make any claims regarding potential viewership.
  • I do not participate in embargo “wave” releases. Sometimes new products are sent to creators in advance to be tested and so that a video can be ready as soon as the product is publicly released or announced. Not only do I find these often lacking in authenticity– they annoy me. I don’t expect anyone to watch something that I wouldn’t want to watch myself.
  • I reserve the right to update and modify this as time passes

Thank you for taking the time to review my Ethics statement.

Last updated 2/08/2020

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