About Me

Hello,  I'm Nathan.

I'm a Information Security professional within the NC area. I have a diverse background within the offensive security space and a drive for continuing education. I actively practice and consult within the security space. I have a strong interest in penetration testing, threat analysis, studying TTP's, and personal privacy with a focus on consumer tactics and education for protecting one's identity and assets.  

My skill set and interests are rather eclectic and diverse.  

  • Undergraduate degree in Information Security
  • Life-long learner
  • I enjoy using python 🐍, though I've grown to enjoy PowerShell
  • I have a strong interest in physical security and pentesting
  • I have a decent, intermediate working knowldege of graphics design
  • Myers-Briggs: INTJ


I'm a privacy enthusiast - thus my PII is extremely important to me. Because of such, and not unlike others in the security space, I have a handful of aliases.

You can call me Neisan Yamamoto, or Yama, or Nathan.


*Certificate details for validation are masked for privacy reasons. Anyone who needs to validate the certificate, please ask me directly for the appropriate details or for unmasked copies.

Hack The Box

HackTheBox: https://app.hackthebox.com/profile/197780

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