About Me

Hello,  I'm Nathan.

I'm a Information Security professional within the NC area. I have a diverse background within the offensive security space and a drive for continuing education. I actively practice and consult within the security space. I have a strong interest in penetration testing, threat analysis, studying TTP's, and personal privacy with a focus on consumer tactics and education for protecting one's identity and assets.  

My skill set and interests are rather eclectic and diverse.  

  • Undergraduate degree in Information Security
  • Life-long learner
  • I enjoy using python 🐍, though I've grown to enjoy PowerShell
  • I have a strong interest in physical security, incident response, and pentesting
  • I have a decent, intermediate working knowldege of graphics design
  • Myers-Briggs: INTJ


I'm a privacy enthusiast - thus my PII is extremely important to me. Because of such, and not unlike others in the security space, I have a handful of aliases.

You can call me Neisan Yamamoto, or Yama, or Nathan.


👀 SEC+  05 2020
👀 eJPT   05 2020
👀 VHL Pentesting Advanced+  04 2021
👀 AWS CCP  06 2021
👀 THM ThrowBack  06 2021
👀 OSCP Offensive Security Certified Professional  11 2021

*Certificate details for validation are masked for privacy reasons. Anyone who needs to validate the certificate, please ask me directly for the appropriate details or for unmasked copies.

Looking for a little bit more detail about my current career path and interests? Please check out my Attack path

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