Attack Path

Attack Path

Herein lies my journey from a passionate muggle to the competent practitioner. This is my Attack Path

I am attempting to document some of my goals, experience, and learning opportunities as I move through my career within information security. Just like everyone else, allocating the time to go above-and-beyond in every situation, to excel at any task given, and then document it all - it can be challenging if not impossible. I'll update this post over time with more details and updates on my progression.

Brief Background

  • 199x - Started reading Zines, 2600, etc.
  • 199x - Was really intrigued by boxing (blue, beige, etc)
  • 1995 - Hackers is released.
  • 1996 - Watched Sneakers for the first time (released in 1992). Prior knowledge of phone phreaking gave me a lot of context.
  • 1997 - Started to setup wordpress and joomla sites for friends and clients
  • 1998 - Started to attend local security groups
  • 1999 - Got heavy into linux, irc, terminal everything, tmux, trying to check my email from Links and Elinks because why not
  • 1999 - Starting 'hacking' games. Searching memory values and modifying them for results, softmods
  • 2016 - Associates degree in information security
  • 2018 - BA in computer science, focus in security
  • 2020 - SEC+
  • 2021 - eJPT certification through eLearnSecurity
  • 2021 - AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • 2021 - OSCP Offensive Security Certified Professional
  • 2022 - In-Progress - CRTO Certified Red Team Operator

Recent Events


OSCP is completed. Studied for almost an entire year and knocked it out. The course was challenging and I picked up a good amount of new information.


TryHackMe - Rooms to learn new content.
HackTheBox - Just started playing with this when I have free time.